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How Does NFC Work?

NFC reader

Near Field Communication, known as NFC, is a set of protocols that allow two electronic devices to communicate. These protocols establish a standard. So, when one connection is through the Internet, the other device can exchange data. Near Field Communication enables portable devices to use apps.

It employs an electromagnetic induction in three modes:emulation,reader/writer, and peer to peer. Emulation allows users to use their smart phone to perform certain transactions. The reader/writer allows stored information from embedded labels to be read. Peer to peer allows communication between devices and an exchange information.

Membership Card with NFC

The technology for Near Field Communication (NFC) is relatively simple. It is evolved from radio frequency identification (RFID), a chip operates as part of a wireless link. It is activated by a chip and then data is transferred between two devices. It also uses chips that run on a low amount of power, making it more efficient than other types.We are able to use this technology right now.

The chips are inside credit cards and NFC membership cards all across the World and more recently, you’re able to digitize your entire wallet. Most mobile gadgets have their own apps with unique capabilities. Most current phones and newer laptops have these chips, including Blackberries and Google Nexus devices.

Contactless NFC Reader

NFC is mostly associated with “mobile wallet” – your smartphone completely replacing your credit cards and cash. With a tap or a wave, you can pay for anything. A good example of this is Google Wallet. You are able to store all your financial data (credit and debit cards) in a virtual-type card and pay for your purchases.

Recently in San Francisco, Intel introduced an interaction between a smartphone and a laptop. The phone was able tap into the laptop, log into a retail site and pay for an online purchase. There was no need to complete any forms. This is why the potential fort his technology is so popular, although it is not yet mainstream.


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Human Resources Attendance Tracking with NFC


Time and attendance tracking within a human resource management system is known as an effective way to follow an employees habits. All HRMS models have them in some way shape or form. Such ways to track an employee is usually done by a employee card, which the employee will use to swipe in and out as they enter and leave the facility they are working in.

Other methods of doing this can be a punch card, manually calling in or using a automatic voice system. Attendance tracking is important for human resources because it gives HRM a general sense of how often that employee is away and also how often they are at work.

Having an up to date HRMS for attendance tracking is important because without a system like this in place a great deal of manual work has to be done. This can waste time and be costly. Employees who take advantage of taking too much time off can slip through the cracks unnoticed in a system that is not automated.

By contrast to that however, HRM should be aware that even a automatic system needs to be watched at times as well. There could be circumstances where there could be the potential for dishonesty. Perhaps an employee may call into an automated system and not even be at work.

This is where HRM must tread carefully and understand that some form of a monitoring system, by a person must be available. If there is a situation where the honour system is at play, trust should be well established. Keeping track of any mutiny regarding this fact among employees should also be considered, as it can occur. Discipline on any dishonesty should be considered by HRM when considering this type of attendance tracking. Human resources should not assume this is always happening; but it should be in the back of the mind when considering time and attendance at work.


What is CRM?


CRM is otherwise known as customer relationship management. In business, it is important to take figures, and data compiled with what current strategies are being used in this type of field in order to better understand such relationships with a client or consumer, and thereby improving it.

A customer relationship manager would be specialized to understand these situations and be able to put it in a perspective that is understandable to the client. Business relationships are important which is why this type of management is important for any company.

It’s strategies are useful and provide insight into how a company is really doing in its relationships. Having this knowledge allows for a business to also see where they need to improve and work on so that they in the end can provide better results. Without these strategies a business can fail to understand the logistics of what they are doing which can affect their bottom line. This is where CRM or customer relationship management is important.

Without its functions within a business, and all the logisitics associated with it, a business does not succeed. Its an integral part of any business for that reason. This is CRMs definition, and is clearly outlined here.